Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Its a gamble to have made a musical in 2002. That too, after 'Moulin Rouge' failed to make an impact. And to have walked away with a handful of Oscars including that of the Best Picture? Well, the film's afterall from Miramax!

Renee Zellweger, Cathy Zeta Jones, Harrison Ford & Queen Latifah - all superb artistes, so there shouldn't have been any problems directing them. The story revolves around Roxie Hart (played by Zellweger), a silly woman who's fixated on performing onstage. For this, she sleeps with a man who she thinks will get her a chance but when he doesn't, she shoots him point blank, in a fit of rage.

What follows is a trial of Roxie, shown as a musical drama & how the news crazy public of Chicago, Illinois take it. The lawyer Billy Flynn (played by Harrison Ford) who hasn't lost a case, is too humble to quote, "'If Jesus Christ had lived in Chicago and if he'd had $5,000, and had come to me – things would have turned out different". He brings the press in creating sympathy for Roxie & argues the case pleading not guilty. Roxie plays along coming with her own tricks like faking pregancy & the press promptly quotes her, "DON'T HANG MY BABY".

Queen Latifah nicknamed Mama, with her big body plays the prison matron's role to perfection. Don't know why, but she reminded me of Big Bertha, who tortures Tracy Whitney in Sidney Sheldon's "If Tomorrow Comes". Cathy Jones, as showgirl Velma, had done a nice supporting role (she walked away with the Best Supporting Actress Award)

The best shot I liked was when the judgement is given. One of the newspapers prints 2 different versions of the same edition - GUILTY & INNOCENT on its front page, so that when the verdict comes, the paper guy shout-sells the correct version! hmm, so much to journalism.

Wanna know if Roxie's pronounced guilty or innocent & how her future was? Watch the film (or simply google) ;-)

Nov 21, 2003