Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ramesh's marriage (reception actually).

it turned out 2 b a real gala affair. the guys turn out was astonishingly high, with an equally astonishing girl count! no doubt ramesh musta been his college's fav guy. those who represented ER were samalee, rakesh, ramachandran, prasanna and myself. most of the guys present were his collegemates.

the maapillai was clad in a coat-suit (which invited comments like, 'intha chennai veyulukku idhu thevayaa??') and the bride in the customary pattu pudavai. the usual band-orchestra was missing and was replaced by some karnatic troop.

the event o' the evening was, the maapillai himself goin' on stage 2 play the violin. he started of with a Beethoven's Lower C, suddenly took a plunge into Thiyagaraya and then topped it off with Mozard's unfinished 13th symphony. oops, sorry guys, konjam overa poiten, just for fun ;-). he actually played 4 beautiful cine tunes - "Konja naal poru thalaivaa.." from "Aasai", "Kanne Kalaimaane.." from "Moonram Pirai", "Style Styleuthan..." from "Basha" and "Kaadhal rojave.." from "Roja". anyway ramesh is his soon-to-b-wife's Yehudi Menuhin!

it was nice 2 know that a sizable chunk o' our guys learnt music during college days - other than bagavathar prasanna and mrithangam suchu who we all know. infact these guys had a troop named "Kalai Kaveri" and were so good that it has now been transformed into a music college sorta. kudoes 2 ER !!

as with any marriage, there was this thirtyish maami in a pink pattu pudavai who was speaking in that i-landed-just-now american ishyle. the main attraction being her 'thooki niruthina munalazhagu'! enga vaanginelnu keka marunthutun - namma cinemaakalla duet scene podhu potuppale, (illa pam lee madhiri silicone implanta theriyala) hmm, some hi-fi padded stuff, lol. (hope ramesh doesn't mind these comments!)

there was this baldy annan who was a nice friend o' ramachandran. he was fun ultimatum. he described a suppposedly thiruttu kalyanam which had who's who in kollywood as attendees! the kalyana ponnu infact left home saying that she's gonna have a thiruttu thaali on her neck soon! that annan also develops foxpro based software used by majority hotels in the city other than cutting jokes!

haa, as with any good thing, the evening came 2 an end with 'piriyaa vidai kodal' to all friends.


ps: samaalee manikavum, saapadu pathi ethuvum sollathathukku.

(April 17, 2002)