Tuesday, February 03, 2004


one's a nephew o' director francis ford coppola (of 'godfather' trilogy fame) and the other a rock star o' the 70s. those r nicolas cage & john travolta for u. they have acted in many an action flick (travolta - 'broken arrow', 'the swordfish', cage - 'con air', 'the rock'). not surprisingly, when these 2 big guns join 2gether, what we get is a pure, garami garam, hollywood masala fulla breathtaking stunt sequences.

the story's a bit complicated. so we'll have 2 leave out cage & travolta here. a terrorist, castor troy is pursued by the fbi guy sean archer. sean gets cas deeply hurt making him slip into a coma. sean then comes up with a brilliant plan o' placing himself as the terrorist cas. this by replacing his own face with that o' cas' thru' hitec plastic surgery. the original sean (who's now with cas' face) is then switched into the hi security prison for knowing of secrets from cas's bro there. but the plan ends up in disaster as cas regains consciousness, steals sean's face, kills all the people who know of the switch & replaces him at the government agency instead! oof, thats super kozhapam rite? for the film 2 progress, good guy sean escapes & comes after cas. after some superb stunt scenes, he kills him in the climax. all's well that ends well & so he gets his face off from the dead cas again, finally getting reunited with his family :-)

(Aug 19, 2003)