Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ganesh's Wedding Reception

Hi guys,

It was yet another o' us celebrating the abdication of the much hyped bachelorhood. Just for the guys who cudn't make it, a brief narrative o' Ganesh's Wedding Reception.

As with all o' our guys' weddings/receptions (k, I've attended just two bfo'), Ganesh's reception too turned out 2 b an out-and-out fun affair. Moreover, it being a luv-cum-arranged marriage added spice. ERHSS buddies who were there were Mani, kupilapo Sudarsan, Saravanan, Gundraa Rajesh, Samalee Swaminathan and myself. Ofcourse there was the supposed-to-be-co-ordinator 'n cousin, our good ol' Venkatesh. remember, he was the one who told he's gonna 'arrange' for a gtg, and yes he kept his word by mailing 'lets all assemble in the kalyana mandapam itself at 6:30 pm on saturday' (later changing it 2 sunday) k, allow me 2 drive the last nail - he was not to be seen with any o' us guys, all evening spent with may b, special friends o' his.

There were 'first' visitiors - guys who haven't come for a gtg/wedding bfo', gundraa & saravanan. while saravanan was his usual self, with the everpresent, charming smile on his face as during skool days, with not much talking, Gundraa was xactly opposite 2 him, being as 'Bossy' as ever. Adhe nadai, adhe bavanai and adhe dhoppai. He too, like Ganesh, is having a luv affair with one o' his colleagues (client's employee actually). Much 2 my annoyment, he started rambling abo' her brother in CitiCorp! So, as told by u Gundraa, xpecting ur invitation in November then.

Now, as the evening progressed, Mani had a queer wish - of goin' on stage 'n singing a song or two (O Podu, in particular). This wish o' his was purrfectly amplified by his Pushpa Nagar mates - those kutties (I mean, guys 5-6 years younger than us) who play cricket with him. They were ready 2 shout slogans made up by Bharathram/Chari (of Srirangam Boys Hi Skool) like "Simmak KuRalon"/"Paadum Kuyil" Mani and put him on-stage, if Mani pays 'em bucks. Tho' Mani parted with 150 bucks, thank God, the mega plan didn't take-off, thus averting a major pandemonium in T Nagar, that Sunday evening.

Word came that our 'Vellakatti' Venu had been betrothed that very morning. Seems that the ponnu, Venu please pardon me, is from "Enga avan ......., (the exact words that sucha didn't want to say) nite thanni adichutu, kavunthu kadanthu, kaalaila poi thooki yaandhamo adhe Ponmalai Patti" (as told by Bharathram). destiny, makkale!

Some news, Seems that our very own yogi o' yogis, Habitual BT @ Thayumanavan sent his asirvaadhangal to the couple over phone. Samalee will be moving out o' Polaris and join INautics shortly. Saravanan and kupilapo have just returned from UK. And from Gundraa, there is no tax for World Bank employees in India.

The uniqueness o' the evening and all kudoes go for the 'ponnu veetar'. It was the 'dappankutthu' ishtyle o' dancing by all memebers o' the gal's family, age/sex no bar. The orchestra really kept upto this challenge and started playing 'upbeat' (as against melody) tunes. Mapplai Ganesh was seen, as Mani put it "Ganesha paren, palla kadichundu sirichitu irukan. idhe vera naal, vera aala irundhuthuna kaalala etti udhachirupan". Ganecha, pichu udhareetanga po, enna aatam, enna aatam!! The tempo was so much that both the ponnu 'n maaplai were brought down the stage atleast once to be coaxed into putting a step or two. I think, the ponnu obliged, while the maaplai remained adament.

And finally, what we all (Samalee in particular) had come for, dinner was served. As with any marriage dinners nowadayz, it was grand too, with 'yegapatta' items, from jamoon to poori to biriyani to sambhar sadham, to rasam to ice cream.

Thats it guys, as I was busy with work, (k, just another reason) cudn't make it 2 the muhurtham today morn'. May b someone who attended send an update plzz.

(July 8, 2002)