Tuesday, February 03, 2004

its one movie i like cing any number of times. shows how a mentally & physically challenged guy comes up in life. forrest gump (played by tom hanks) joins the vietnam war. as a marine, he starts playing table tennis & football and becomes a champion in both. meets his buddy bubba (a dull negro who knows/talks nuthing but shrimps - u have to listen to him talk "shrimp this, shrimp that", real funny), gets a medal from jfk (nice graphics thru out the movie, as he meets nixon, elvis etc), comes back from nam & he along with his leg amputee mate he had saved during the war start 'bubba shrimps' (bubba dies in the war). it becomes a huge success and they become millionaires. he promptly gives a share of the shrimp company to bubba's mom too.

finally, he starts to run across the united states and along the way, funny events make him an american icon. there's luv too in the form of jenny, a swinging sixties hippie, naturally an lsd addict & who comes on and off during his whole life. she finally walks off his life after getting AIDS.

the film's got everything and is such a feel-good movie that really peps u up with the moral 'never give up in life'. the way the story's told, u find in some books - by mixing events in history all along it. hanks, while waiting for a bus just sits on a park bench and tells his whole story to folks who come and sit beside him. got him his second consecutive oscar after 'philadelphia'.

(14 March, 2003)