Monday, April 04, 2005

Scientists Identify Genetic Susceptibility to Pregnancy Complication. A genetic defect, which appears to increase the risk of developing the serious pregnancy condition pre-eclampsia, has been discovered.

At least two companies are developing speech-recognition products that will let viewers change channels with voice prompts. Hey couch potatoes, its time to go barking over what channel to see!

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies plans to announce a record for storage density on a disk drive. Hitachi will report a storage density of 230 billion bits per square inch, an achievement that would make possible a desktop computer drive capable of storing a trillion bytes of information, roughly twice the capacity of today's disks. More on this here

The Bell telephone companies, SBC and Verizon, will start selling television programming in their most recent effort to crack a market in which they have had almost no presence.

The Ebola-like Marburg virus claimed 20 more victims in Angola, raising the total death toll from the outbreak to 146.

World number one Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal to win the Nasdaq-100 Open final. Earlier, Kim Clijsters beat Maria Sharapova in the Woman's Finals.

South African observers endorse Zimbabwe's ruling party victory in polls which were rejected by the opposition parties.

Election campaigning in Italy remained suspended out of respect for the Pope's death.