Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sex, Lies & Videotape

By now, most of you must have received the Kareena-Shahid clip. Was shocked seeing Aaj Tak showing the clip repeatedly Thursday late nite. Mid Day, the one that 'exposed' it might be some tabloid & TV channels like Aaj Tak are behaving like one too. Dunno whether it was shown in other channels too. It's not uncommon for film stars to be involved in controversies like this. We've had Pam Lee & much closer home, Shalini in mpeg clips. This latest one too has made waves & the actress has already denied it.

Close on heels, comes the Bazee-DPS-IIT episode. Its sad that Bajaj, the CEO of Bazee is being questioned/arrested. And having a Delhi skoolboy-girl doing the act makes it even worse.

Hmm. Hard times, baba.