Friday, October 28, 2005

Rains get over but still ...

It was a good sign seeing the rains stop last night itself (our Met office had forecasted heavy showers till today afternoon). As planned, had stayed the night at office & waking up today morning, badly wanted to return home. Walking all the way from office at 7 am was real good. But as soon I saw the Madipakkam road, all my optimism vanished. The main road is still under waist-deep water & I had to beat a retreat without going to our house.

Bought paste, brush & soap & did my morning ablutions at office itself. Don't know when the water level will recede. I plan to go in the afternoon once again. Good news is that there is plenty of Sun as of now & praying God that it should be like this all day today.

Forgot to add y'day - the MTC buses, though low in number were plying & kudos to the drivers & conductors. But today no bus entered Madipakkam - the drivers must have realised some real danger in driving through so much water, the road not being seen & what if there's a hole like the above on the way?