Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Computer keyboards have always been a source of germs. Consider the publically used ones in hospitals. Alternatives are available like virtual keyboard & washable keyboards, says this article.

It was a great tragedy in India where waters from a dam were opened up wrongly on unsuspecting pilgirms. More than 50 people died due to this mistaken act.

George Soros' "reflexivity" : "people’s predictions about what will happen to the dollar end up having a major impact on what actually does happen to the dollar". This NewYorker article is one of the many which is warning of a upcoming dollar crunch.

Wanna have a fresh life to the otherwise boring Google Search page. Try this.

Intel has posted a $10,000 reward for an original copy, in mint condition, of the April 19, 1965, issue of Electronics, the technical publication in which Intel's founder, Gordon Moore, made his famous forecast. Why would Intel want copies of the old mag that too by posting it on eBay? False or true, here's Intel's page on Moore's Law.

Meanwhile, Intel says it has begun shipping the dual-core, 3.2GHz Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor and 955X Express chip set. Competitor AMD is expected to announce its dual-core Opteron soon. Dual-core computing offers two processor cores on a single piece of silicon and improves performance by enabling the two cores to work independently.

Some news from the world of Mac. Apple has announced that the latest version of its Mac operating system will go on sale on April 29. Code named Tiger, the OS according to Steve Jobs, will be the "most innovative and secure desktop operating system ever created".