Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thanks to a typical Sehwag start & a maiden century by Mahendra Dhoni (its glory time for India's new wicket-keepers!) India again beat Pakistan in the second cricket match in Vizag today.

Again a new project from Google - it is getting into Video Blogging. Google plans to collect home made digital videos that'll show up under its video search. This was unveiled by Google co-founder Larry Page when he spoke at the National Cable Television Association (NCTA) National Show in San Francisco.

This April 1 had its own share of pranks but this one caught my attention.

A survey conducted shows that China could overtake U.S. in broadband access this year, a boost to the believers that China & India hold the next big jump as far as emerging markets are concerned.

Blinkx plans to unveil the newest version of its PC search software, which combines search results from a user's hard drive and from the Internet in a single results list. (unlike Google whcih has them separate)

Wi-Fi hardware startup Xirrus Inc. last week debuted its flagship product, which combines a WLAN switch and as many as 16 integrated access points in a single circular device. My next post will deal with the threats to WiFi.

British Telecom will connect its five millionth broadband customer in the UK later this week.

Btw, Hitachi's record breaking one-inch hard drive (which got mentioned in an earlier blog) can hold 60Gb.