Sunday, May 29, 2005

Poor Kimi goes down

Watched the F1 a few hours back. The race had a few accidents & the deepest felt one was Kimi's front right wheel going out due to vibration in the front suspension. All this in the penultimate lap with just 3 miles to go! Poor Kimi, my heart goes out for him. And Alonso had a lucky 4th win for this season. Schumi failed to impress as he went into the gravel once & finished 5th. Narain too couldn't get into the first 10 as he struggles with a poor car.

With Schumi & Ferrari outa form this season, which I think is in a way good for F1 what with drivers like Kimi & Alonso are giving a tough challenge to the master. One more thought I keep getting is what if this is all match fixing by the F1 bosses just like in football & cricket? lets see how the season progresses.

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