Tuesday, May 10, 2005

rape/molestation news on indian tv

last nite, the indian news channels were full of rape news. a delhi female student was picked up by men in a car and was gang raped. they kept showing the dhaba area where the incident happened & the reporter repeated said that no Police patrol vehicle was there doing the rounds on the day after the incident happened. and then there was this case of two railway police constables being arrested when a 42 year old woman complained that she's been molested by these 2. they kept showing close-up shots of the 2 constables. it made a terrible site (even if they are criminals) with those 2 men covering their faces and one was apparently crying. this incident comes close on heels of another mumbai constable being charged with rape. the third case last nite was from patiala where a woman was tortured by the police to get a statement. these guys even interviewed the pitiable woman - she couldn't even speak and these guys have a headline that just said "STRIPPED BY POLICE". have to see whether these media guys have slotted late nite news for such episodes alone.