Friday, April 22, 2005

Ok, the new Pope has been elected. If you are like me, there's every chance that you'd been immersed in info about him like his papal name will be Pope Benedict XVI, why he chose this name, why he didn't choose Pope John Paul III, that some guy had predicted it will Benedict XVI and had already booked a domain, that the Pope had been a member of Hitler Youth and he was a POW during WW II, that he's a conservative theollogian, that's he's 78, that he was born in the district of Munich etc etc. So much to the new Pope, long live him!

Some tech news, Oracle being a strong Linux backer is now releasing versions for Linux ahead of versions for Windows of its software, making Linux its primary release platform. More here.

Amazon has come up a directory of Free MP3 downloads. The download needs a sign in and there is also a 30 second sample for listening before you download.