Tuesday, June 14, 2005

life & death

oh, it was a wunnerful feeling looking at our cute baby girl for the first time. she was born on june 10, 8:16 am IST.

for the first day or so she was ok, but she was just 2 kg during birth & was diagnosed with jaundice. the poor child has since been kept under blue light in an incubator sort of. drips were given too so were anti allergic & antibiotic medicines. she's pulled thru quite nicely till now & the doctors say there's nothing to worry, but then as a dad of a baby girl only 4 days old, one can't just stop worrying.

and, in the most cruelest tragedy of life i've ever witnessed, one of my best friends for years, govindarajan died in a car accident. he got married only last friday, just when my baby girl was being born. his wife escaped though. govind, raja to his friends, was my room-mate in annamalai for 3 years. we had a lot in common, reading books in particular. just couldn't forget the days when we cycled or walked to the small lending library every other week. he was a voracious reader of tamil fiction, particularly those based on history. saandilyan & kalki were his favorites. he was a studious guy too being one of the toppers in his class. and he excelled in NCC, the high point being his long cycling expedition through many parts of tamil nadu. and govind was the one who pulled me away from L&T to my present job with adventnet.

had a memorable trip with him & his team to ooty 2 years before. will try posting the links to the blog about the trip and the pics we took there.

whoever's reading this, please pray for the departed soul & for the well being of the baby.