Monday, November 07, 2005

The Rains Return to Chennai

Oh, the rains are back & this time with a vengeance. Been to Neyveli for the weekend & coming back today morning, what do I see except waist-deep water on the Madipakkam 'main' road! There is no road, Dev (colleague, resident of Madipakkam) says boats are out & most parts of Madipakkam are submerged as before. Hmm, don't know what sort of government administration we have. Its exactly like what happened 10 days before. How can they fail people twice like this? They did clean up the canals & drains the last time around (one could see lots of weed being heaped up by backhoes on the road sides) but it seems to have had no effect. Water got clogged ok but I see no activity whatsoever of the authorities taking any steps trying to drain the water even after a day.

Think this time it is worser than the first time as the ground can't absorb more water & the water has to either flow into the sea through the storm drains or evaporate. Am yet to go to my house & plan to camp in our office as before with thoughts dreading the worst - of water entering the house & spoiling everything thats there :-(

Thankfully, wife & child are still in Neyveli. Rethinking on whether they should be brought back as planned or to extend their stay there. Hmm, the rain has stopped since morning but its still cloudy with forecasts of rain for the next 24 hours. Enough God, no more rains please.