Sunday, July 18, 2004


saw this oscar winning (think in 1997) french film last nite. amelie is born into a middle class family - her dad's a doc & mom a teacher. she has a lonely childhood. her mom dies when she's young & her dad becomes reclusive after that. amelie grows into a young woman & leaves home the first time to work in a coffee pub named 'the two windmills'. thru out the film, a monologue commentary runs in the background describing events in amelie's life. one day, as she hears Princess Di's tragic death, her life takes a turn. she becomes so humane & always wants 2 help ppl around her. a series of events is then depicted - she takes all the trouble in giving back an old man a toy box which he'd left hidden as a child 40 years back, she gives a blind man a whirlwind tour o' the market place describing what's happening around in the world, she posts a fake letter as the one that was found years later to an old woman 2 make her think her hubby in exile luved her, she pairs up a colleague o' hers with a man (but this one turns soar at last) and she makes her dad who had never left home since her mom's death roam the world by a simple trick. and there is some nice humor too when she takes revenge on a boss who is so cruel 2 his employee.

finally, love beckons her as she finds a photo scratch book o' a young man. the second part of the film describes how she meets her man, gives him the book & falls in love with him. the film ends with these 2 young ppl getting together.

such a sweet movie. makes one feel how life's so easy, fair & uncomplicated ...