Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sania Mirza, the new Indian Icon

Loads have been written about the arrival of Sania. Here's my two paise.

Happened to watch the game on Sunday. She's moody & can lose her match due to double faults & unforced errors but the girl from Hyderabad has got talent. She's got a good array of shots, the inside-out winners being her favorite. The punch is there, she can play till the very end (even after a faux paus ace on match point, losing the game & holding on to her nerves to break the next game) & most importantly, she plays to both her strength & her opponent's weakness. The Aus Open & specifically the match against Serena must have helped her a lot.

What disturbed me much (& the players too) were the stupid cat-calls - the meows, the huchooos, the saniaaas - oh, the Indian Tennis fan has a lot to learn & should start behaving himself. The poor Ukranian girl lost her concentration once too many & sure lost some critical points due to this crazy cat-calling.

The match had a droning DD commentary. It would have been nice to have someone like Harsha Bogle or Vijay Amritraj comment on this youngster's game.

Already there's a site under construction, have to see how this bubbly teenager satisfies an icon hungry India(n media).

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

'As Well as They Can'

As well as it can, the hooked fish while it dies,
Gasping for life, threshing in terror and pain,
Its torn mouth parched, grit in its delicate eyes,
Thinks of its pool again.

As well as he can, the poet, blind, betrayed
Distracted by the groaning mill, among
The jostle of slaves, the clatter, the lash of trade,
Taps the pure source of song.

As well as I can, my heart in this bleak air,
The empty days, the waste nights since you went,
Recalls your warmth, your smile, the grace and stir
That were its element.

-- A. D. Hope

from The Minstrels