Friday, October 28, 2005

Rains get over but still ...

It was a good sign seeing the rains stop last night itself (our Met office had forecasted heavy showers till today afternoon). As planned, had stayed the night at office & waking up today morning, badly wanted to return home. Walking all the way from office at 7 am was real good. But as soon I saw the Madipakkam road, all my optimism vanished. The main road is still under waist-deep water & I had to beat a retreat without going to our house.

Bought paste, brush & soap & did my morning ablutions at office itself. Don't know when the water level will recede. I plan to go in the afternoon once again. Good news is that there is plenty of Sun as of now & praying God that it should be like this all day today.

Forgot to add y'day - the MTC buses, though low in number were plying & kudos to the drivers & conductors. But today no bus entered Madipakkam - the drivers must have realised some real danger in driving through so much water, the road not being seen & what if there's a hole like the above on the way?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rains lash Chennai

Ha, what a day its been!

Depressions in Bay of Bengal are a normal thing during this part of the year. And Chennai does receive copius rain during this monsoon period. But its been a little too much this time around. Rains have been lashing for the past 2 days. And the storm is to cross the coast by tomorrow morning (Oct 27, 2005). Normally, the storms cross the coast further north but this time around it may be closer to Chennai & hence this effect.

Been ill for the past few days & that made venturing out impossible. Couldn't come to the office in the morning, being afraid of getting infected going in the storm water. But with no breakfast (except some occasional biscuits), had to come out by the afternoon for food. Bought some packets of Maggi noodles & that was my lunch. With no signs of the rains stopping, no electricity & rain water threatening to enter the house, had to move by evening 5 pm. What better place than our office?

Walked from our flat in Ram Nagar, Madipakkam to the Velachery-Tambaram main road. The rain was light but the winds accompanying it made it look heavy & chilly. It was an experience in itself as people slowly making their way in waist-deep water talked about their fears of reaching safe places & how their homes would be. My Nokia 3315 conked off, thanks to me not taking enough precaution.

The biggest fear for me now is how the house would look when I next visit it. And I don't know when I would next go there, may be tomorrow afternoon. Trichy, my hometown was one of the many districts that got affected too due to the floods in the Cauvery. Farmers have been the worst hit as thousands of hectares of crop lie submerged. With Diwali round the corner, it isn't one of the pleasant festival seasons that Tamil Nadu has seen.

Visit Chennai Help for the latest. I'll try updating the latest here too.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Gajini - A Review

Saw the Asin-Suriya starrer on Saturday. At the outset, the film was a disappointment as it did not live up to the high expectations set mainly due to it being directed by Murugadoss who had earlier directed the super-hit "Ramanaa" starring Vijaykanth. The director promised a lot with his first offering but has submitted himself to the whims of Kollywood in this movie.

The idea of how a short-term memory loss patient survives was novel, the use of polaroid photoes in particular. But having Suriya to tatoo all over his body (that too in different font styles) can at best be considered a fashion statement.

Thanks to Asin's bubbly, effervescent character, the first half of the film moves real fast. Somehow, her character reminded me of Karthik's cameo in "Mouna Ragam". There was this scene where Asin helps a blind man cross the street, on the whole way explaining what's happening in the neighborhood which was a direct lift from the Oscar winning "Amelie". In one way, we should appreciate the director though, as thats how our Tamil audience will get to see a taste of French/International cinema. And in another scene Asin cleverly helps school girls on crutches to cross a gateway with animal trap pipes. Its a good scene, only that it was a little stretched & the BGM played havoc. It would have done more good if they had had the scene in silence or the screeching sound of the gate getting moved or may be a very light music in the background.

Asin helping the physically challenged & the girls in distress does come out well though the message the director wanted to convey - that of woman empowerment - comes out poorly. In these days when college students, girls in particular are asked not to wear low-hip jeans & sleeveless/tight fitting tops by the self-appointed moral police, when Kushboo's views provokes anger & the expressions of woman poets get ridiculed, I should say Murugadoss had wasted a good oppurtunity as he could have sent the message even more strongly.

The unnecessary songs inbetween slowed the tempo of the movie very much. When will our directors learn how to use the songs to good effect? May be we can follow the Hollywood style of placing part of the respective song in the BGM alone instead of showing the whole song shot at some exotic location. (but hey, according to this rediff report, may be our music directors will get offended if the songs aren't given prominence!)

While Asin's on-the-spot creativity evoked good humor initially, the director suddenly pulls the plug on her when she's alone in her house with 4 goondas waiting to kill her. A more better plot towards the end would have helped the movie. Also, showing the second twin villain at the end was a wasted effort so was that of the Police Inspector who promised much while investigating but soon dies crashing against a oncoming lorry while running face-on. Nayan Thara comes & goes with little impact. And hey, why is the film named Gajini? Any guesses?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Digicam - Can you give some pointers?

Am to buy a digicam soon. This review gave a good idea on the subject & may be useful for you too. I've now decided in buying a Canon. Model's a question still - I may go with A400, A510 or A520.

Now the only problem is the varying prices. A520 is availabe for as low as Rs. 12,600 in The same is priced Rs. 17,995 in Canon India's website & quotes a price of Rs. 20,395!

Most probably the price difference is due to the latest model, the accessories involved, the warranty periods etc. If any of you are sure of what a good deal is, put it in the comments please.

This illusion is cute

Try the illusion at -

Via Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Becoming a Squidoo Lensmaster

Just signed-up as a squidoo lensmaster. Since squidoo is in beta & the agreeement says I shouldn't disclose anything, sorry that I can't furnish any more details (believe signing up for squidoo & telling it doesn't violate any terms). Let's see how squidoo & Seth's team go about now.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Next James Bond is ...

... Daniel Craig. I haven't seen any of his films before but the guy looks ok. Need to see if he can live up to being a Bond. Cinnematical reports.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Scobleizer Excerpts

One thing I totally agree with Joe on is that Apple is WAY WAY WAY better than Microsoft at coming up with names. "Apple Front Row" certainly beats "Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition 2005".

Being a Microsoft employee & still coming out like this - he has been doing it consistently. Great show Robert, keep it up. (he's been harder in the past)

Oh, and Yahoo and Microsoft announced a plan to interoperate instant messaging clients today. That's important because Yahoo and Microsoft have a LOT of people using those two products. Hey, I wonder if AOL will join in the fun?

Good that Y!, MSN (& AOL) chats may interoperate soon. How this will affect Skype needs to be seen.

From Robert Scoble

Friday, October 07, 2005

Steve Rubel & Typepad

Steve Rubel posts about how he got excellent service & a freebie for the goofup that sixapart did. The whole episode could well have been a set-up - Sixapart deliberately makes that silly 'S' mistake, the CEO posts to Steve apologising & giving some free peanuts and the A-list blogger goes ga-ga about it. Typepad gets free publicity & the blooger proves a point to companies like Dell.

Sorry Steve & Barak, for posting this. Can't keep this evil thought in my mind ;-) made more lively

LiveMarks, a project by Alex Bosworth lets you see live the bookmarks that people are creating in A very cute app indeed. Reminds me of the screen in Google which glows with searches happening around the world.

Monday, October 03, 2005

We have arrived!

AdventNet's Zoho Writer & Zoho Planner have caught the attention of the blogosphere! Both being AJAX heavy, Web 2.0 apps, its lil' wunder that they made it to the front. The apps have been in the limelight ever since techcrunch mentioned Zoho Writer & the folks from 37signals commented on it. Solutionwatch mentions it here & already people have tagged it in Zoho Writer also gets mentioned in Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion.

The Zoho apps are still in their Alpha phase. These I believe would become exhilarating in the days, oops hours to come in this fast paced Web 2.0 world. Expecting much from you folks. All the best!