Thursday, March 31, 2005

Will be blogging regularly the filtered news that I come across.

To start off, some News from the tech world. After Carly Fiorina's outster, its time for a new Head (to roll?) at HP. Mark Hurd will takeover where Carly left. Will he be successful in turning around HP, only time will tell. My take, he'll have to first erase the losses with the unsuccessful merger that was Compaq. May be sell off Compaq & other non-performing units, focus again on HP's strengths and ofcourse reduce the workforce, the Neutron Jack way.

Kevin Mitnick, the famous hacker who was prohibited from using a computer has come up with his second book 'The Art of Intrusion'. This book is on hackers themselves. His first book, 'The Art of Deception' dealt with hacking. He'd also edited a book titled 'Hardware Hacking'.

Mark Cuban, the 'Maverick' billionaire has gotten into a new idea of digitalising the whole film industry. He wants all theatres in the US to move out of the tradiitonal projector-film way and as a first step, has embarked on a project of converting his own Landmark group of cinemas to embrace the new technology.

Zimbabwe went for polls today. With the election machinery under his control, Robert Mugabe is all set for another clear victory. Another big problem that Zimbabwe faces is HIV/AIDS. Its currently estimated that a Zimbawawean child dies of AIDS once in 15 minutes.

The life of brain damaged Terri Schiavo still hangs on a thread. Debates keep sweeping across the USA whether she should be continued to live or not.

Symantec, the anti-virus software company has accepted that its software has holes that can allow hackers to use DOS attacks. Dell released yet another 'lightest' laptop and Microsoft yet another SP (this time for Windows 2003 Server)